Watch the President Trump Rallies!

Pro-Life MAGA!

One of the key ways to prepare for the midterm elections and to motivate ourselves and others is to watch the Make America Great rallies President Trump has been organizing around the country.

I have placed links to his speeches below. The president’s message must be heard and understood by every voter who cares about America.

While his name is not on the ballot this year, his policies are! And if he does not have a Congress with strong Republican majorities in the House and in the Senate, the votes of those who elected him in 2016 will be wasted for the next two years, because the President will be sitting in the White House with pen in hand ready to sign great legislation – like legislation that protects unborn babies and protects your tax money from helping to kill them – but he will not be able to sign that legislation, because Congress won’t pass it.

The 2018 elections will be all about having everyone who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 come out again to vote, so that he can continue to advance the progress he has made for America.

At the rally in Southaven, Mississippi, the president said:

“If the Democrats get control, they will raise your taxes, flood your streets with criminal aliens, weaken our military, outlaw private health insurance and replace freedom with socialism.”

And you and I know they will also make taxpayer-funded abortion available through all nine months and for any reason. We cannot let that happen, not in a nation dedicated to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Use the links below to watch these rallies, pass them along to as many others as you can so you can motivate the 2016 Trump voters to get out and vote again now in 2018! And please join with us at Priests for Life to make America great again!

Tune in to the upcoming rallies and spread the word. See dates and times at